Erecting a Beacon of Art to Guide Hundreds of Millions of Families

About GUBI

GUBI hopes to provide artwork collectors with an easy-to-use large database of artworks by using the technology of Reverse Image Search, and introduce the blockchain technologies to the online sales of artworks and the identification and evaluation links, build a highly sophisticated and credible large database of artworks, an expert database and a user credit system, and become an infrastructure in the field of online artwork trading.

  • Gusou Encyclopedia

    Gusou Encyclopedia is positioned as a professional search engine in China's artwork industry. It is developed based on the technologies of data mining and image search. By easily taking a photo on the mobile terminal, users can accurately match the image with the relevant artwork data in the large database of artworks. After years of data precipitation, thousands of users have provided data on over ten thousands of artwork books, covering more than 30 million pieces of artworks.

  • Expert Database

    There are more than 800 experts and more than 2,000 professional scholars with many years of work experience in the antiques industry. A unique chain ID (P-ID) will be generated for each expert who passes the KYC certification in the GUBI ecosystem. Meanwhile, the historical behavior data of the experts will be stored on the chain. The historical behavior data of experts and scholars is composed of the past identification records, user ratings, evaluation adoption and activity level, so as to build a credible database of experts and scholars that cannot be falsified.

  • User credit system

    Each user passing the KYC certification in the ecosystem has a unique chain ID. The ID also represents the virtual identity of the user in the GUBI ecosystem. The behavior data generated by the user in the ecology will be recorded under the ID. GUBI hopes to reduce the mistrust between buyers and sellers during the online transaction process by means of blockchain technologies.